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;beatsmith; songwriter; and (as 'Shīdo') an ambient composer; from the pastoral expanses of America's upper midwest and currently UK based;

Janne Parviainen

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Lost Lake, Whistler | by Owen Perry | Facebook.

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Solitude & Snow

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Robin Mellway

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Dion Kurczek

Acrylic inks on board

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Curator’s Monday 129

Frédéric-JG Blanque (b.1964, France) - Business district

"My images are a reflection of my passion for architecture, graphics and "ordinary" people." Frédéric-JG Blanque is a French photographer from Toulouse, currently working and living in New York city. The inaugural objectivity of some of his visual urban compositions is somewhat reminiscent of the Düsseldorf School. Others represent the modern city in a way which initially seems conventional, even reflecting a fascination for the American Way of Life, or an imagined convening of the Lost Generation. Instead, they should be understood as an ironic take on both the images much loved by home department stores and all forms of nostalgia. Blanque is not interested in depicting reality, an idea he opposes, but in constructing his own reality, which has much more potential.

Architectural photography as it is presented and crafted by Blanque becomes an ode to living matter. The Business District series is a metaphor for the world economy. Buildings blaze with fire, melting, dissolving, and sometimes sinking… yet we need not despair. They remain straight and imposing. Our sincere thanks to Loïc Arnaud for this Curator’s Monday.

[more Frédéric-JG Blanque | Curator’s Monday with loic-arnaud]

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Painting with the light of the moon

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Stunning photography by Corrie White

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by .monodrift

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